30 July 2009

3 Great Books To Read ... 1 DVD To Watch

  1. Job Fever - Breaking the Employment Shackle
    (BGS Printing 202) $19.95

    An easy to read 80 page personal journey of one man's drive to independence through self-employment and how he overcame and broke the 'fear barrier' that holds back so many people fulfilling their dreams in life.

    A personal growth book based on the premise... "a man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."

    Buy Here

  2. The Idea Generator
    (Allen + Unwin Publishers 2007) $19.95

    Ideas are the lifeblood of any brand or business, but have you ever been stuck for one? If you have then this book is for you.

    This is a practical and powerful handbook: how to solve problems, create new opportunities and improve team and individual performances with over 60 self contained units.

    The author Dr Ken Hudson is one of Australia's leading experts on breakthrough thinking and innovation, and was previously marketing director at American Express (Australia).

    Buy Here

  3. Salsa Bar + Grill Port Douglas Cook Book
    (Allen + Unwin Publishers 2009) $19.95

    A real winter treat. It is simply a pleasure to turn the pages and absorb the tropical warmth and beauty of Chef Bill Conway's and Rhys Bawden's Salsa Restaurant signature dishes.

    Salsa is also most famous for hosting US President Bill Clinton in Australia on the night of 9/11 and having a framed plate with his signature and that date on display at the leading Australian restaurant in Port Douglas.

    Buy Here

  4. What You Need To Know In Retirment
    (La Trobe Financial 2009) $FREE

    This DVD is a compilation of interviews with various professionals and is hosted by Raw Lewis, the CEO of GreyPath Pty Ltd. www.greypath.com is a free website for seniors and widely considered to be one of the best such websites in the world.

    The format is non studio and in an armchair chat style, where the experts are asked a series of questions that the average senior might ask, given the opportunity to do so.

    Topics include Retirment Living Options, Wills, Power of Attorney, The Law and Seniors, Investment Risk Benefits, Identity Theft.

    Call La Trobe on 1800 707 707 for your copy.

Best regards
Iain Pepper


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Iain Pepper
Head of Lending

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