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AppForm21 June 2010

Tips To Speed Up Approvals!

At La Trobe, we understand that time is money, so we thought we'd give you some hints and tips to ensure your applications progress as quick as possible.

AppFormWe have found that by increasing the quality of the information provided upfront, turnaround times reduce and you get your approvals quicker!

If you can provide the following upon submission, your Application will progress faster:

  1. Covering Notes
    Supply covering notes along with the application to assist underwriters confirm:
    • What is the purpose of the loan?
    • How will the loan benefit the applicant?
    • Is there anything we should know upfront about the application (default explanations etc)?

  2. Fully Completed La Trobe Application Form
    AppFormPlease ensure that the applicants have completed all the sections in the application form. This removes the need to clarify missing information which often results in delays. Click image to download.

  3. Full-Doc Applications
    Provide letter from applicants employer if PAYG, and:
    • 2 most recent payslips; OR
    • 2 most recent Tax Assessment Notices.

  4. Express (Lite-Doc) Applications
    Please ensure that both the
    Borrower Repayment Declaration and
    Accountants Certification are supplied.
    Both can be downloaded from our webpage or click the links above.

  5. Purchase Applications
    Please provide the following:
    • Contract of Sale;
    • Proposed settlement date;
    • Solicitor/Conveyancer details.

  6. Refinance Applications
    Please provide the following:
    • 6 months loan conduct on debts to be refinanced (existing lender).

We're sure you'll find these tips useful, and will hopefully improve turnaround times on your applications.

Please call our experienced underwriters direct on 1800 707 707 or your local BDM to discuss how we can help you and your clients further.

Best Regards
La Trobe Lending Services

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