23 February 2012

La Trobe Financial's new lending rates slashed

We have slashed our new business rates by up to 65bps and increased our LVR limits and loan amounts. Head of Credit - Mr Cory Bannister is responding to the rising demand, and is preparing for healthy settlement volumes in the months ahead. "We anticipate this rate reduction, along with the favourable changes to our maximum LVR limits and loan amounts, will significantly increase our product attractiveness and demand. It is certainly an exciting period for La Trobe Financial".

Some of the recent changes include:

  • Interest rates slashed by up to 0.65%;

  • Express Residential maximum LVRs increased to 80% for all Risk Grades (up from 70%);

  • Maximum loan amount at 80% LVR increased to $1m (up from $750k) for Full doc Residential and Express Residential Lite doc products; and

  • Maximum loan term for Express Credit Repair product increased to 30 years P&I (up from 2 years IO).

Details of our four (4) key products including the above changes are noted below:

Full doc Residential ≤ $1.5m
LVR 80%: ≤ $1m, 70%: ≤ $1.5m
Purpose Cash out, purchase, refinance and debt consolidation
CRAA Up to 4 defaults^ < $25k total
Rate From 7.84% (includes trail commission)
Term 40 years
Application fee 0.5% min. $550 - no risk fees
Serviceability Full doc^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back
A full doc residential loan up to a 40 year term to 80% LVR without LMI, and credit defaults up to 4 less than $25k in total for borrowers who have proven capacity to repay but experience a life event on their credit file.

Express Residential Lite doc ≤ $1m
LVR 80%: ≤ $1m
Purpose Purchase, refinance and debt consolidation and cash out (10%)
CRAA Up to 4 defaults^ < $25k total
Rate From 8.55% (includes trail commission)
Term 30 years
Application fee 1.0% min. $890 - no risk fees
Serviceability Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back
Whilst some lenders have withdrawn from self-employed borrowers, La Trobe Financial remains committed to this important segment of our economy, with no BAS statements or LMI required.

Cash out (Residential or Commercial) ≤ $1m
LVR 70%: ≤ $750k, 65%: ≤ $1m
Purpose Unlimited Cash out
CRAA Up to 3 defaults^ < $15k total
Rate From 8.55% (includes trail commission)
Term 2 years
Application fee 1.25% min. $890 - no risk fees
Serviceability Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back
Our flagship mortgage, the Cash out 70% LVR, gives brokers and borrowers greater flexibility to access real property equity up to $750k for broad purposes.

Commercial loans ≤ $1.5m
LVR 70%: ≤ $750k, 65%: ≤ $1.5m
Purpose Purchase, refinance and debt consolidation
(for retail shops, offices and light industrial properties)
CRAA Up to 4 defaults^ < $25k total
Rate From 9.20% (includes trail commission)
Term 2 years
Application fee 1.25% min. $890 - no risk fees
Serviceability Full/Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back
A unique feature of our commercial loans is that they are available on both a Full doc and Lite doc basis.

Please call La Trobe Financial on 1800 707 707 today, or call our local Business Development Manager in your State to discuss enquiries further.

Best regards

Iain Pepper


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