7 May 2012

A fresh look at Commercial lending

At La Trobe Financial, we assess loans secured by Commercial property exactly the same as our standard Residential products - on both a Full doc and Express Lite doc basis.

Many brokers shy away from loans for Commercial properties due to the, at times, oppressive conditions often imposed by major lenders; they make the process too hard, too confusing and too time consuming. Head of Commercial Lending, Mr Steve Lawrence explains there is no need to fear Commercial lending, "we are able to deliver a consistent loan assessment process across our full product range regardless of security type, which has been specifically developed to make the process as easy as possible for brokers" said Steve, "whether you are applying on a Full doc or Lite doc basis, the documentation required for a Commercial loan is exactly the same as for one of our Residential loans, there are no complex financial statements required, nor are there any onerous conditions".

Income verification

Document Type Income Verification Required
Full Doc 2 pay slips; or, 2 years financials
Express Lite Doc Borrower Repayment Declaration; and Accountant's Certification

Accountant's Certification Borrower's Declaration

So if you're a little daunted by the prospect of Commercial loans - don't be.

Steve adds, "Commercial loans can give you an additional revenue stream, diversifying your business capabilities, and attracting more clients".

Our Commercial products are suitable for a wide variety of purposes such as purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, cash out and construction, and are available for borrowers with a diverse range of backgrounds. The following is a list of suitable security properties:

  • Retail shops
  • Offices
  • Light industrial property
  • Any other non-specialised commercial property assessed on a case by case basis

Why not call our dedicated team of Commercial underwriters direct to discuss how we can help you write more business with one of our Commercial products featured below:

Commercial loans ≤ $1.5m
LVR 70%: ≤ $750k, 65%: ≤ $1.5m
Purpose Purchase, refinance and debt consolidation
Credit impairment Multiple defaults (individually assessed)^
Mortgage Arrears Up to 2 months
Term 5 years
Application fee from 1.25%
Serviceability Full/Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back

Cash out

It's just as easy to access equity from your commercial property by using our Equity Express Commercial product below:

Cash out (Residential or Commercial) ≤ $1m
LVR 70%: ≤ $750k, 65%: ≤ $1m
Purpose Unlimited Cash out
Credit impairment Multiple defaults (individually assessed)^
Mortgage Arrears Up to 1 month
Term 2 years
Application fee 1.25%
Serviceability Full/Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back


Our Construction products allow you to provide solutions to clients seeking to build both Residential and Commercial properties (up to 6 units).

Construction (Residential or Commercial) ≤ $1.5m
LVR Up to 75% (residential); up to 70% (commercial);
Purpose Construction
Credit impairment 1 default
Mortgage Arrears None
Term 2 years
Application fee from 1.25%
Serviceability Full/Lite doc (No LMI or BAS statements required)^
Broker commission - ongoing trail
- upfront commission with no claw back

Contact your BDM, or call our Commercial underwriters direct today on 1800 707 707 to take advantage of our full range of products.

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Best regards

Iain Pepper

Your "lender of first choice"


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