5 July 2012

La Trobe Foundation Scholarships

The La Trobe Foundation was established in 1978 as a major corporate initiative of the La Trobe Financial Services Group. It recognises the demands placed on both our borrowing and investing clients within the modern society in which we operate. Reaching out and positively influencing others is an essential element of our Foundation, and we do so by supporting the following programs.

The first part of our community investment is an offering of a range of school scholarships for both investor and borrower clients' children at various scholastic levels.
La Trobe has a long history of assisting Australians in realising their educational dreams; owning their own home; or obtaining financial independence. We are very proud of the La Trobe Foundation and of the assistance it has provided to the numerous children of borrowers and investors seeking excellence in education. You too can apply for a school scholarship by completing the application form (see link below).

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It is always pleasing to receive feedback from our clients and in particular when we have made a positive difference to someone’s life. We would like to share the following recent letter with you:

Customer Letter:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank La Trobe Financial and staff for your professional way, always courteous and helpful. I appreciate you for informing us regarding the available La Trobe Foundation Scholarship and for faxing the paperwork to our school so that the principal could fill it in.

I have borrowed from La Trobe for a number of years. When I married I made the mistake of allowing my heart to rule my head, and I sold all of my assets; I was yearning togetherness, unity and love. When I left my husband I was sick, penniless and in debt. Slowly I paid off the debts and through borrowing from private funds and later from La Trobe I have slowly built up some equity. The road has been very difficult, my husband has not supported or contributed towards our daughter's schooling and maintenance. Selfish ambition and bad choices on my husband’s part have given us the opportunity to toughen up; the choice, bitter or better. I have encouraged my daughter to work hard and endeavored to set an example. She has gone picking beans/peas during the school holidays for the last 4 years, getting up at four o’clock in the morning and returning about 8 o’clock.

Currently I have the opportunity to renovate a 19 room residence owned by 3 investors and to create more cash flow, but the dilemma is that my daughter does not want to change school as she is settled and is thriving there. She is too young to be on her own. I am praying and hoping that she could stay on at school. Once I have renovated the residence and set up budget overnight accommodation I hope that it will generate the needed cash flow for my daughter to continue her studies and to achieve her dream of becoming a dietician and personal trainer, and for me to be able to look after my daughter and elderly dad.

God has provided for us in numerous wonderful ways, this year I am also going for a divorce and property settlement. I am finding it to be most difficult emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

I will always have a very special appreciation in my heart for La Trobe for giving me a break through by lending to me so that I could pay out the private investor, who gave me the first helping hand.

I wish everyone at La Trobe a very fulfilling and successful year and I thank you for allowing my daughter the opportunity of applying for the School Scholarship.

As one of Australia¹s largest privately held financial services providers, La Trobe Financial is committed to investing in the advancement and well-being of the Australian community helping Australians to achieve financial independence. Our scholarships and business partnerships are an important part of the way we do business.

Best regards

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