23 August 2012

No changes to commissions at La Trobe Financial

Over the last few weeks we once again see comments in the industry media in regard to likely commission changes and while we can’t speak for other financial institutions we can take this opportunity to ensure our business partners that we are making no changes to our commission structures.

"That is no clawbacks on upfront commissions, full trail payable from the start of the loan and no volume hurdles".

We remain committed to our business partners and with the ever increasing professionalism of the broker channel it would seem that by cutting commissions and placing higher qualifying criteria on brokers goes against the best interests of the end consumer and it’s not on the agenda for us.

Deals of the week

We continue to offer products that are available to some of your customers who may have been declined by the larger financial institutions because they fail a credit score or have encountered some minor default in the past both for residential and commercial securities.

Our Full Doc and Low Doc products are specifically designed to accommodate these customers and we continue to see an increase in the number of loans that are being placed with us for these very reasons.

With loans available to 80% LVR and a maximum of two life events relating to poor credit history your clients can consolidate their debts, access their equity, purchase their own home or purchase investment properties.

Below you will find two case studies detailing loans we have settled recently, which provided satisfactory outcomes for the consumer. Maybe you are looking to place something similar now:

Case Study 1

The applicants were self-employed in the hospitality industry, meeting their monthly commitments on their mortgage and credit cards, however the high interest rates on the credit cards meant they had little money left each month for other incidental expenses. Subsequently, when their hot water service broke down something had to give and they missed their June repayment.

We were able to utilise the equity they had built up in their home to consolidate their credit cards, providing them with one, lower and much easier to manage monthly repayment. Restoring comfort to their financial situation.

Result: Loan approved under our Express Residential loan product.

Residential Refinance of property in Chatswood NSW – Lite Doc
LVR 80%
Purpose Refinance Home Loan and pay out Credit cards (2)
Interest Rate 8.65% Variable
Credit impairment 1 missed payment in June 2012
Loan Amount $780,000.00
Term 30 years
Application fee 1.25% with no LMI or Risk Fee
Serviceability Lite doc (Accountants Letter and Self Declaration)
Broker commission Upfront - $3,900 (0.50%) with no claw back risk
Ongoing trail - 0.25% p.a. paid monthly

Case Study 2

Applicant was looking to invest in shares and was looking to utilise the equity in their commercial shop to provide the investment money.

The applicant was a self-employed salesperson looking for a lite-doc loan to 70% of the property’s value.

Result: Loan approved under our Equity Express Commercial loan product.

Commercial Cash out on a shop in Kew VIC – Lite Doc
LVR 70%
Purpose Cash out required to buy shares
Interest Rate 9.00% Variable
Credit impairment Nil
Loan Amount $600,000.00
Term 5 years I/O
Application fee 1.25% with no LMI or Risk Fee
Serviceability Lite doc (Accountants Letter and Self Declaration)
Broker commission Upfront - $3,000 (0.50%) with no claw back risk
Ongoing trail - 0.25% p.a. paid monthly

We believe that we are a serious alternative to the banks, if you have any similar scenarios on your desk that you are having difficulty placing give us a call.

The case studies above were just two examples of the many instances we have helped brokers place their loans in the past fortnight; we have plenty of other flexible products available for a wide variety of purposes, so do what hundreds of Brokers do and contact your dedicated BDM, or call our experienced credit team direct now on 1800 707 707 to see if we can help.

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Best regards

Craig Robertson

Your "lender of first choice"


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