October 2012

Brighter Outlook for Brokers

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit with hurricane force, hurtling the Australian commercial property market to the canvas, and consequently lenders pulled out of the sector in droves. Three years on from when the Australian economy experienced its first quarter of negative growth for eight years, the commercial property sector may at last be ready to pick itself up off the floor. The National Australia Bank Quarterly Australian Commercial Property Survey: June 2012 discloses that whilst it is not officially on the road to recovery, we may have seen the worst; and in fact, may be about to see a slight increase in the Commercial Property Index beginning Q3-2012, possibly returning a positive index result by March 2013. The projected increases in the Commercial Property Index, though by no means steep, are expected to rise steadily through to Q2-2014.

This news is welcomed by those in the commercial property area and real estate agents alike, but why aren’t mortgage brokers more excited by this turnaround of events? Executive Joint Head of Asset Origination, Stephen Lawrence explains:

The very words commercial lending is often enough to send a shiver up a broker’s spine as it is often simply too hard and too time consuming to attempt a commercial loan submission. First, you need to navigate your way through the various complex lending policies to find a suitable lender for your client, then compile the staggering list of documents required, complete a technical serviceability assessment often using complex financial ratios, satisfy outstanding conditions running from A to Z, and finally, cross your fingers that the valuation stacks up.

Pleasingly, the future of Commercial Lending is looking much brighter for brokers; relief is on the way thanks to the few non-bank lenders still active in the commercial lending arena. The nonbanks have a service first mentality which has resulted in a more streamlined and efficient process for brokers to use, often mirroring the process for their own residential loan products. Mr Lawrence explains how La Trobe Financial has made its commercial products ‘broker friendly’:

Putting ourselves in the borrower’s shoes has helped us craft our commercial loan products into market leading solutions, catering for borrowers seeking commercial finance without all the unnecessary fuss and paperwork. We are able to implement our standard residential loan assessment criteria, policies and procedures to our commercial loans, so that any broker familiar with our residential products can easily begin writing commercial business with us.

In relation to brokers not familiar with commercial lending, Mr Lawrence continues:

Our products are suited to brokers who have never written a commercial loan before, and are a great way for brokers to increase their revenue stream.

By adding commercial lending to your repertoire, brokers are able to service more customers by volume, and unlock a new – potentially lucrative, demographic of client as commercial property is often part of a sophisticated investor’s property portfolio.

Diversification is the catch-cry of the mortgage industry at present, with many doomsayers predicting that unless mortgage brokers have an arsenal of finance products at their disposal, a bleak future beckons. Commercial lending with a non-bank lender is a great way for brokers to expand their product offering without the need for extensive training or capital investment, and with attractive upfront commission and trail payments on offer for what are usually high dollar loans, the answer is simple.

The second coming of commercial lending is timely for all concerned, and something all brokers both residential and commercial can look to embrace today.

Commercial Deals of the week

Below you will find two case studies detailing commercial loans we have settled recently, which provided satisfactory outcomes for the customer. Maybe you are looking to place something similar now

Case Study 1 - Purchase Industrial Factory

The applicant is a sole trader working for the past 10 years running his own panel beating business in Bargo, NSW. The applicant is experiencing growth in his business and is looking at expanding by purchasing a larger Industrial property out of which the applicant will run his business. The applicant was previously paying $32,000 per annum in rent. The new repayments are $26,000 per annum. The customer is now able to own the premises they operate from and have reduced the monthly outgoings for the business. Based on the above we were able to assist the applicant.

Result: Loan approved under our Commercial Express Product

Purchase Industrial Factory in Bargo NSW – Lite Doc
LVR 60%
Purpose Purchase
Interest Rate 8.70% Variable
Credit impairment Clear
Loan Amount $290,000
Term 3 years - Interest Only
Application fee 1.25% with no LMI or Risk Fee
Serviceability Lite doc (Accountants Letter and Self Declaration)
Broker commission Upfront - $1,450 (0.50%) with no claw back risk
Ongoing trail - 0.25% p.a. paid monthly

Case Study 2 - Cash Out for investment purposes

The applicant has been employed for the past 3 years as an operations manager. We were requested to assist the borrower with cash out for Investment in shares and property for tax purposes/gearing with Accountants advice. The security property was an unencumbered retail shop located in Canterbury, which is a well known suburb east of the Melbourne CBD and currently tenanted as a pizza business for $28,000 per annum.

We were able to utilise the equity they had built up in their commercial investment property and also further expand their investment portfolio.

Result: Loan approved under our Commercial Equity Express Product.

Commercial Equity Express – Lite Doc
LVR 70%
Purpose Equity (cash out)
Interest Rate 8.90% Variable
Credit impairment Clear
Loan Amount $492,000
Term 2 years - Interest Only
Application fee 1.25% with no LMI or Risk Fee
Serviceability Lite doc (Accountants Letter and Self Declaration)
Broker commission Upfront - $2,460 (0.50%) with no claw back risk
Ongoing trail - 0.25% p.a. paid monthly

We believe that we are a serious alternative to the banks and if you have any similar scenarios on your desk that you are having difficulty placing give us a call.

The case studies above were just two examples of the many instances we have helped brokers place their loans recently. We have plenty of other flexible products available for a wide variety of purposes, so do what hundreds of Brokers do and contact your dedicated La Trobe Financial BDM, or call our experienced credit team direct now on 1800 707 707 to see if we can help.

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Best regards

Steve Lawrence

Your "lender of first choice"


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