10 February 2014

A special night with the world’s best Olympians

To celebrate the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, La Trobe Financial brought the Olympic launch party to Australia.

Getting into the Olympic spirit of the games, we invited some of the world’s best Olympians to share with us their Olympic stories; the journey, highlights, their favourite Olympic moments, and of course what it felt like to receive that medal.

The events were held in Sydney and Melbourne and hosted by our Company Ambassador Jacqui Cooper, labelled greatest aerial skier of all time - 5 x Olympian and 5 x No.1 World Champion.

La Trobe Financial was Jacqui Cooper’s major sponsor in her last Olympic campaign to Vancouver and has been La Trobe Financial’s Company Ambassador for the past 4 years. A copy of Jacqui’s speech may be found here.

Sydney Launch Party

Sydney’s event was held on 29 January 2014 at the Four Points at Sheraton, Roof-top - Bar 11 overlooking spectacular Darling Harbour. The weather was perfect, magical blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Over 70 guests attended the event enjoying the opportunity to speak with some of Australia’s successful Olympians. As the sun set, we invited a few of the Olympians to share with us their stories in a panel discussion. Later we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with each of the Olympians over a few more drinks.

Our Olympians in Sydney included:

Jacqui Cooper
Aerial Skiing
Kerri Pottharst
Beach Volleyball
Malcolm Page
Tom King
Murray Stewart
Marguerite Houston
Jessica Fox
Slalom Canoe
Ben St Lawrence
Joanne Brigden-Jones
Kynan Maley
Slalom Canoeing
Stephen Wooldridge
Alexandra Croak
Gymnastics, Diving.

Melbourne Launch Party

Melbourne’s event was held the following night, at the stunning Eureka Tower, 89th Floor labelled the southern hemisphere’s highest viewing point. An appropriate venue for hosting some of the world’s best Olympians. With crystal blue skies in the background and overlooking Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city, the event was truly spectacular. Similar to the Sydney event, we invited the Olympians to share with us their stories in a panel discussion. Over 120 guests enjoyed the opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s most successful Olympians and enjoy a few more drinks with them.

Our Olympians in Melbourne included

Jacqui Cooper
Aerial Skiing
Damian Brown
Weight lifting
Kelly Cartwright
Russell Mark
Lauryn Mark
Chris Anstey
Nick Green
James Tomkins
Don Elgin
Claire Mitchell-Taverner

Selection of Sydney event photos:

Stephen Wooldridge (Olympic Champion)
Craig Robertson (La Trobe Financial)
Steve Lawrence (La Trobe Financial)
Suzanne Hemsworth (La Trobe Financial)
Lewis Davies (Prudential Capital)
Sue Jordan (Elliot Tuthill)
Vince Collins (CKM Mortgages)
Daniel Collins (CKM Mortgages)
David Jordan (Elliot Tuthill)
David Cluning (Victory Financial Group)
Bill Ryan (Ryan Homeloans)
Robbie De Bari (BDM)
Colin Smith (Commercial Group)
Kynan Maley (Olympian)
Shaun Smith (Commercial Group)
Nicole Cannon (Pink Finance)
Chris Straw (AFG)
Leanne Evans (AFG)
Kevin Wheatley (AAA Mortgages)
Suzanne Hemsworth – Senior Manager Client Partnerships (La Trobe Financial)
Sam Deeby (La Trobe Financial)
Sally Humphris (La Trobe Financial)
Cory Bannister (La Trobe Financial)
Ryan Harkness (La Trobe Financial)
Dominic Lo Surdo (Stamford Capital)
Michael Hynes (Stamford Capital)
Daryl Hill (La Trobe Financial)
Vince Collins (CKM Mortgages)
Daniel Collins (CKM Mortgages)
Ryan Harkness (La Trobe Financial)
Jacqui Cooper (La Trobe Financial Company Ambassador)
Kynan Maley (Olympian)
Ray Cooper (AAA Mortgages)
Kynan Maley (Olympian)
Ben Flood (BMG Financial)

Selection of Melboure event photos:

Hunter Johnson
Kelly Cartwright (Paralympian)
Robert Anderson (Aussie Home Loans)
Chris Franklin (Aussie Home Loans)
Terry Jewson (Smartline)
Nick Peters (Smartline)
Greg Hart (Smartline)
Trevor Jewson (Smartline)
Ben Isard (Bayside Financial Brokers)
Steve Lawrence (La Trobe Financial)
Robert Toms (Charter Keck Cramer)
Clint Pappas (Uniq Finance)
Chantal Andrews (Uniq Finance)
Simon Wortherspoon (Uniq Finance)
Vicki Arbis (Chocolate Money)
Eirinaios Vrousgos (Chocolate Money)
Chris Katrantzis (Chocolate Money)
Eva Kazamias (Chocolate Money)
Marcus O’Brien (FAST)
Colin Kidd (Loan Saver)
Cynthia Grisbrook (MFAA)
Greville Pabst (WBP Property Group)
Max Bill (Mortgage Choice)
Suzi Trajanovski (Loan Market)
Darren Barclay (Business 500)
Gabrielle Vittori (Choice Debt Solutions)
Peter Keating (Pearl Finance)
Chris Franklin (Aussie Home Loans)
Robert Anderson (Aussie Home Loans)
Andrew White (Eureka Capital Pty Ltd)
Jimmy McGrath (La Trobe Financial)
Peter White (FBAA)
Melanie Burns (Sherlock Homes Lending Solutions)
Cory Bannister (La Trobe Financial)
Jacqui Cooper (La Trobe Financial Company Ambassador)
Lara Martin (Connective)

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