Put your sales hat on
Origination News - Monthly news for Loan Brokers 15 February 2016

Summer is now in full swing - Put your sales hat on

What better time than with summer now in full swing to review what has been working for your business and what steps to take to make the most of 2016. So be sales smart and put your sales hat on - become a believer.

The greatest sales challenge is to be the most efficient operator as possible in converting leads into business.

  • Provide a solution

    According to recent sales strategy research, you have to believe in yourself and what you are doing and present that attitude to your prospective customer. This will engage them to let you know exactly what it is these customers need and for you to provide the solution. Once this is done you can offer the right product for their situation. Remember, the customer is coming to you for a solution - you have to look and sound like you want to deliver that solution to them to make their decision easier and more cost effective in the long run.

  • Believe in the products you are offering

    Become familiar and confident with what each product offers and the features of each. Next look at how they match up against the customer's needs and particular situation.

  • Give your customer the time they need to make their decision

    This could be the biggest financial decision they have yet to make, so meet with them regularly and give them updates on how their file is progressing. They should not have to ask you. Be proactive - make the first call to tell them how things are progressing.

  • Stop talking - start asking and listening

    Find out exactly what the customer needs by asking leading questions that will have them tell you their full story and what they hope to achieve out of the discussions you are having with them. Get this stage right and you could have the customer for life.

  • Try not to sell to the customer, but satisfy them

    Have you provided the solution they are looking for? By asking all the right questions of the customer in the beginning, and knowing your product suite, you should feel confident that the right solution has been found for them.

    And now comes the part that most sales people forget.

  • Follow the customer up and ask if you met their needs and delivered on your promises

    This will get them coming back for more!

As you sip that cocktail over the summer and ponder how you will see your business grow in 2016, remember that you need to deliver superior service and expertise compared with your competitor and give the customer what they want. Deliver.

Best regards,

Cory Bannister
Vice President,
Head of Distribution

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